Why You Should Own A Clear Quartz

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   If you are going to get one crystal, i was to suggest one crystal that everyone could benefit from owning either for personal or professional use, it would be a clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz crystal are easily found all over the world and quite affordable. 

     Their are many very known benefits from owning a clear quartz. People use to grid home,workplace or property with quartz points. They are also excellent for dream recall. Many people also believe that it is good for fengshui.  

    But what i recommend a clear quartz so much is because the positive energy that we feels and gain from the clear quartz. I deeply believe that it could remove the negative energy and refill something good to our body. 

     I use it often,either for bad time or good. Everytime when i need to get rid of some negative thoughts, i would take the clear quartz out and let it help. I do believe that my clear quartz brings light to my body and spirit. I have many clear quartz jewelry piece that are customized handmade and i think this is the best way to keep it pure and fresh.