About us

As craftsman of fine jewelry, we have worked hard to create a reputation for unique beauty and quality for our audience’s attention. For years, we focused our efforts on gathering, acquiring, liking, hashtagging and reposting that attention.

But today, thanks to multiple screens and instantly accessible content, clients have endless choices in nearly every category, giving the buyer total control. They now only choose experiences they genuinely enjoy. Items that genuinely capture the eye and reflect the spirit of the unique wearer.

It is no longer enough for us to simply acquire our audience's attention. We need to embrace and inspire it. That is our new mandate as makers in the world. We have shifted our focus from shiny smooth robotic transactions to the imaginative, inspiring, fiery, and fierce community of unique boutique lovers.

Everything you are trying to achieve becomes possible with time and attention on the right details. Make your statement with the perfect piece. Don't just get attention.

Hold it.